Euphoria Enterprises
Is an initiative for the project cycle v of Parroquial Santa Isabel de Hungria to create a company that offered environmentally sustainable products.

The creation of both the product company was an extensive process that was achieved thanks to the human talent of euphoria demonstrating the company slogan ''Our own green universe in a bottle''
Euphoria Enterprises
Euphoria Enterprises
Know about us!
Euphoria Enterprises is a company
which provides natural drinks that
are packaged in sterilized containers.

The natural drinks are made of fruits
and soda, design with the purpose
of being healthy for our customers.
There are many different flavors
like apple, strawberry, mint, etc.
Our mision as Euphoria Enterprises is the production and marketing of drinks based on natural products properly packaged in recycled containers and sterilized ,targeting
the youth sector of the community contributing to the improvement of the environment and health of people.
The company Euphoria Enterprises in five years is seen as friendly multinational so that works for restoration and conservation of environment, and thus, as a líder in the
sale of health drinks with the highest standars of quality and well positioned in the ecological environment.
A little bit of EUPHORIA
The name of our company is inspired in the song of the famous artist Loreen '''Euphoria''.

We think that these song video represents the company, 'cause eshows the natural world, and this amazing feeling of happiness when you drink any of our drinks.. EUPHORIA.
This is our menu


Explosive strawberry


Delicious cocktail with the mysterious strawberry.



Tasty flavored cocktail full of fruits.

Wild apple


Cocktail of apples with our secret touch.

Soft Kiwi


Delicious cocktail flavored kiwi and banana.
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Contact us
For more information check our Facebook and Twitter profiles in Euphoria Enterprises and @enterprises_e respectivly